People from Ibiza – Bernard Clavière

An interview published in the IBIZA NOW magazine 25 years ago.
The good ol’ times on the island…

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A man born with a « vision » in life, Bernard is an active part of the new consciousness sweeping across the planet.
Ecological, social and health issues are at the heart of this man.
He is politically engaged in a grass-roots, Green campaign promoting peace, justice and a clean world.
Born in Bacchus’ backyard, between St. Emilion and Sauternes, Bernard chooses not to drink alcohol, or for that matter smoke or eat meat.
“I can do these things, but I am a free man so I don’t.”
Living in the countryside of Bordeaux allowed him to enjoy what is surely everyone’s basic right, that of fresh air [2016 edition: Well… we all know too well today that this is a huge mistake: vineyards are sprayed regularly with chemicals and a recent survey has shown that children whose schools are close to vineyards have a significantly higher cancer rate than other children… BC].
He admits to feeling suffocated in towns where noise pollution and visual pollution, such as unfinished buildings and rubbish thrown on the street leave him feeling physically pained.

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